Being porous, open, and teachable is both a philosophy toward life and a state of mind. As changemaker that is trying to make a difference, being teachable is an absolute must. How else to scale your level of impact? To grow, we must be lifetime learners.

Two filters get in the way of our growth. Common among all people, these filters armor us up and keep us stuck. A hardened rock never moves but an ancient tree sways with the wind. The rock is dead but the ancient tree is fully alive.

Chapter One: Fighting The World
Chapter Two: The Gray Zone
Chapter Three: Help & Healing

At the heart of these two filters is a simple question. Are you growing to your potential or are you growing only when it feels safe to do so? Such a question will likely to push a few buttons.

Growth from a safe place or growth from a place that pushes you past your limits? Perhaps, a little of both? Which leads us to an even deeper exploration of your learning.

Are you ok being vulnerable? Do you view powerlessness and/or weakness as a bad thing? If life is our teacher, we must be moldable like clay. And there are times when being moldable requires feeling vulnerable and powerless. It Tis life, my friend.


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