Confessions Of A Bohemian Changemaker

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Bob Olmstead
Life Coach & Brand Strategist

A Podcast About Soulful Success & Branding Your Purpose & Passions

Monthly Malbec #2 Preview

This Wednesday, my second deep dive monthly teleseminar, The Monthly Malbec will drop– Brand Your Purpose & Passions In (5) Steps.It’s a heartfelt examination of the mental shifts and big picture actions necessary to effectively branding your purpose & passions. My deep dive format is very popular and I think the reason for that is...

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Walk Into The Light Of Being Imperfectly Awesome

When this specific person walks into a room, you know they’ve arrived. They’re completely comfortable in their skin. The good. The not so good. They don’t seem to get caught up in approval seeking. They are who they are, take it, or leave it. CHAPTER ONE: IT’S COMPLICATED CHAPTER TWO: SUNNY DAYS CHAPTER THREE: SKIN...

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Saying “No” By Speaking Your Personal Truth

Learning to say “no” is learning how to honor and speak your truth. It has nothing to do with being an extrovert or an introvert. You are a sacred and valuable human being — your truth matters. Your time and how you choose to spend it, your life, and how you want to live it...

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Full Throttle You | The BEST Medicine For Your Life & Brand!

Ever walked barefoot on a beach? If so, you’ve seen your footprints in the sand. Has anyone ever told you that your footprints didn’t belong? If you didn’t make so many mistakes, spent more time in school, were male or female, then your footprints would be ok. CHAPTER ONE: BELIEVE CHAPTER TWO: TRUTH – FIRE...

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Stop Publishing Good Content, Preach Your Gospel!

Ring the bell, and the dog salivates. Welcome to vanity metrics, content hacks, and perfect blog titles! In most cases, such devices do little for your bottom line. The road to success is far more about preaching truth than publishing perfection. CHAPTER ONE: EPIC VANILLA CHAPTER TWO: EPIC IMPACT CHAPTER THREE: THE BIG (3) What...

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Elevator Pitch Or Meaningful Connections?

Nobody cares about your elevator pitch. They don’t. But they do care about their pain, their problems, the things that keep them up at night. In this episode, I’m going to give you some homework that will forever change how you pitch your changemaker brand.

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The Unbearable Violence Of Creativity– True Love!

The Universal Creative is intrusive. It demands everything and promises nothing in return. It takes a lot to keep showing up. It takes a lot to continually surrender your core being to an unseen force in that hope that one day, you’ll get your shot.

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Coaches, Writers, & Creatives – Mine Your Gold

Most changemakers are fully aware of the fact they are talented beings. That's not the problem. The challenge is getting to get to the big stuff, the magical mojo that could become a life changer. 

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The (3) Defining Characteristics Of Soulful Success

At first glance, there is little rhyme or reason to it all. Life happens. But then we slow a bit and see things with a new set of eyes. The events of our lives impact our lives. Some stick with the status quo. Others choose a different path. 

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