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Soulful Success & Effective Leadership | (3) Questions To Master

Every potential customer, employee, love interest, collaborator, and many others, ask themselves three things when first meeting you. For most, its a subconscious framework. Most people don’t realize this internal framework exists. I call it, The (3) Questions Of...

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Build An Epic Purpose-Driven Brand | (3) Key Concepts

Patagonia. Warby Parker. Virgin America (bought out by Alaska). The size of your business does not matter. A one-person business, a small boutique firm, a multimillion-dollar family-owned business, EVERYONE can benefit from the Secret Sauce that drives these firms....

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All The Feels | Your True North Compass

Wiki on EQ: “Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust...

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The Progress Not Perfection Life Philosophy

Perfectionism. Isolation. Armor. We all have our “go to” swords when we’re feeling inadequate, insecure, or afraid. And for a moment, it works, we feel more in control. But a sword is a weapon, and weapons always do damage....

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Successful But Not Happy? Explore Your Options.

How do you define success? Successful but unhappy is both a symptom and a result. Wake-up calls come in many forms, but in all in cases, we need to be willing to hear the screaming sounds of caution. Successful...

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Your lifestyle feeds your passion. Your passion feeds your creativity. Your creativity feeds your brand as a coach, writer,creative entrepreneur, or changemaker CEO. Conquer it all with the Real Words podcast based upon my (4) life-changing Maestro Programs™.

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You are your brand. That's the way it works for the changemakers of the world. Bringing to life your professional aspirations is an intensely personal experience. Even more so for coaches, writers, creative entrepreneurs, and changemaker CEOs. It's the human journey of soulful success.

Unfortunately, sales funnels, wealth systems, and content rabbit holes are everywhere. Snake oil will not help you find your voice, feed your spirit, and elevate your craft. The magic that is YOU will never be found in someone's system. Who are you? What do you have to say? That is Real Words podcast.

Join a very human me with a very human you for a podcast that aims to misbehave. Two to three (15) minute episodes a week, a deep dive teleseminar once a month. The purpose of the Real Words podcast is to empower your voice and ignite your brand. We're in this together!

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